California wildfire insurance coverage remains important despite drought end

California wildfire insurance fire season homeowners

Millions of residents of the state aren’t out of the risk of wildfires even though the rains returned.

The end of the several year long drought in the state hasn’t eliminated the need for California wildfire insurance yet, says a new report.

Last winter came with soaking storms that put an end to what looked as though it would be a never-ending drought.

Despite the fact that the land is no longer parched as it has been over the last few years, this doesn’t mean that the threat of wildfires is entirely gone. For this reason, the California wildfire insurance industry is reminding residents that there remain 4.5 million homes within areas of high or extreme risk across the state and other Western regions. This analysis was confirmed by a Verisk Insurance Solutions report issued at the end of last week.

The California wildfire insurance conclusions were published in the Verisk 2017 FireLine State Risk report.

California wildfire insurance fire season homeownersThe report showed that there remains a significant risk for millions of homeowners in California as well as the western surrounding states. It has identified a wildfire risk within 13 specific states prone to these fires. The report also pointed to the number of homes and the percentage that are at the greatest risk of this peril.

Among the 13 states on the list found to be prone to wildfire risk, the top five based on the number of households in a high or extreme risk zone included:

• California (over 2 million households at high or extreme risk),
• Texas (715,300 households at high or extreme risk),
• Colorado (366,200 households at high or extreme risk),
• Arizona (234,600 households at high or extreme risk),
• Idaho (171,200 households at high or extreme risk).

Clearly, California has the highest number of homes facing the greatest possible danger of wildfires. There, the season for these fires doesn’t typically begin until October approaches. That said, there have already been a number of wildfires that have already started burning throughout the Western United States.

These only underscore the continued need for California wildfire insurance, particularly as there is currently one burning in central California. Evacuations in that area were forced last week after it tripled in size. Another fire in the northern part of the state’s Mendocino County has grown to 900 acres and has also triggered evacuations. These are only a few of the several others that are burning.

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