California RV insurance policies soar after another year of top sales and rentals

California RV insurance - RVs

Motorhome travel is up by 143 percent, and this year’s season is only getting started.

California RV insurance is experiencing a boon as recreational vehicles begin another popular season due to the pandemic’s impact on travel.

Campers and road trippers are buying and renting these vehicles like never before.

California RV insurance is among the states that have enjoyed some of the highest growth rates, as the state is already known for its outstanding views and spectacular camping and road tripping opportunities. The outdoor experience in the state simply lends itself to recreational vehicle use, and as more people drive them, they are also purchasing coverage.

“RV Travel in 2020 was up 143% over 2019, and it’s already up another 114% over 2020 in just the first the first two months of 2021,” said California Campers owner Matt Winters, as quoted in a Digital Journal report. That company rents out luxury Class B recreational vehicles in the San Francisco Bay Area. “Before COVID, RV travel was popular, but this year it’s a whole new ballgame. Lots of our customers are renting RVs for the first time. They’re looking for something that is easy to drive, gets good fuel economy and can take them off the grid to go places other RVs can’t.”

Consumers are purchasing California RV insurance for road trips within the state and across the country.

Within the state, some of the most popular places that people are taking their motorhomes include the following:

  • Joshua Tree National Park
  •  Carlsbad
  •  Yosemite National Park
  •  Death Valley National Park
  •  Burney Falls State Park
  •  Pinnacles National Park
  •  Kings Canyon National Park
  •  Sierra National Forest
  • Big Sur on the California Coast
  •  June Lake
  •  Los Padres National Forest

This is only a few of a large number of options throughout that state as well as surrounding states, too.

California RV insurance - RVsCalifornia RV insurance provides coverage for the transportation and accommodations on a trip that allows a family to remain together, see the sites and live in as much or little luxury as they’d like, while avoiding crowds everywhere from airports to public restrooms and even dining areas.

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