Californian’s now have more choices in auto insurance

Californian’s now have more choices in auto insurance

Daniel Rorapaugh, CEO of AA Auto Protection, stated on January 18th that their company is now able to offer Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI) to those in California. It was a difficult process, but since approved, there are more options available to drivers in California. Before their approval, brokers didn’t have this coverage to offer.

MBI coverage is a policy that covers you if your car malfunctions and needs repairs.

With purchasing this type of policy, drivers are offered some protection from high mechanic’s bills. Depending on the level of coverage chosen, repair costs for your engine, transmission, steering, brakes, and more may be included.

Previously, AA Auto Protection offered extended warranties and auto warranties. With this approval, the company is now considered to be an insurance company. This is a big step up for the company and for drivers as well.

Rorapaugh added that they are taking this new status seriously. He wants drivers to know that if they choose these MBI policies that they are getting “the best in the industry.” Drivers can be certain that their interests are important to AA Auto Protection.

There are differing levels of coverage available through these MBI policies. With six different choices available to drivers, that range from full to minimum coverage depending on the driver’s needs.

While continuing their contracts in the rest of the United States, Rorapaugh wants to ensure customers that their service agreements will not affect them in any way. They are just happy to be able to offer more options to California drivers and feel confident that residents will find huge benefits with their coverage options.

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