California insurance commissioner candidates take aim at Trump in campaigns

In the race for the top spot in the state’s Insurance Department, the president has become a political target.

The race for the 2018 California insurance commissioner position is heating up and President Trump has become one of the central campaign political targets.

State Senator Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) has placed the spotlight on Trump and his policies.

Lara placed the focus of his first ad running for California insurance commissioner on a depiction of Trump as being anti-female, anti-immigration, anti-healthcare and a denier of climate change. He called for voters to support him in his insurance commissioner campaign so he could provide Californians with protection against Trump.

“His hate has only made me more determined to empower Californians to control their own lives,” said Lara in the commercial.

Lara’s California insurance commissioner ad featured the candidate waking down Ocean Boulevard’s median.

Sen Ricardo Lara California Insurance CommissionerLara walked along in Long Beach’s downtown as he gave criticism to the president for the ongoing attack on immigrants such as the insurance commissioner candidate’s own parents; a former factory worker and seamstress.

The commercial underscores Lara’s support of pay equality between male and female employees, stricter environmental regulations, and the Dream Act. That act is designed to provide certain immigrants with financial assistance for their college tuition. The immigrants who may qualify for that assistance are those who were illegally brought into the United States while they were children.

Lara is among the four Democrats who had made their intentions official in campaigning to become head of the California Insurance Department. The other three include Assembly member Henry Perea, Assembly member Susan Bonilla, and Santa Monica radiation oncologist Paul Song, who is also a former California Courage Campaign progressive group leader.

It has yet to be seen whether or not the others in the race for California insurance commissioner will choose to target Trump as well. As the race is only just picking up, there remains a lot of room for the main issues to develop, but Lara has made it perfectly clear where he stands and what he feels the primary challenges for the state will be in 2018 when the new commissioner steps into the position.

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