Allstate California homeowners insurance opens the door for new policies

Santa Clarita Allstate insurance agent Kimberley Ellison is sharing this vital information with her community.

California homeowners insurance policies have become an important focus for an Allstate insurance agent in the Santa Clarita area.  Kimberley Ellison and her staff are thrilled with the widespread return of the comprehensive Deluxe Plus Homeowners coverage among many zip codes. They are taking extra care to educate local residents to ensure their needs are met.

Allstate insurance has brought homeowners coverage back to over 1,500 California zip codes.

In May 2007, Allstate closed their homeowners market in California.  Though it was reopened in 2016, it was highly restricted in many areas across the state.  As of this month, the insurer has opened the coverage back up to more than 1,500 Californian zip codes.  To Ellison and her team, this is wonderful news.

After all, while it opens the opportunity for agents like Ellison to write new business, she also knows how much it means to customers buying new homes.  Coverage is available that simply was not there before.  

That said, home insurance in the state can be complex, so Ellison has launched a Facebook campaign to help to ensure her customers and members of her Santa Clarita community have the information they need to make the right personal property coverage choices on their homeowners policies. Specifically, this has to do with the insurance sublimits.

The Facebook campaign provides a helpful California homeowners insurance sublimits education.

Ellison is using Facebook to educate her Santa Clarita community about what sublimits are, and how they impact the coverage they receive through their property policies.  Her goal is to start conversations and to encourage people to reach out to her and her team to learn more about the best coverage choices to meet their needs. 

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What is homeowners insurance sublimits?

All homeowners insurance policies include sub-limits – basically this is a limitation within the personal property coverage.  These are maximum coverage amounts for specific valuable items such as jewelry, electronics and art.  While it’s easy to assume that those items would be fully covered by a policy in the case of damage or theft, this is not always true.  While the items may be covered, that coverage extends only so far and may not be enough to replace the possessions in the case of theft or damage. 

Listed are the most common California homeowners insurance sublimits include:Allstate California Homeowners Insurance Sublimits on personal property

  • Computers – Standard coverage is a maximum of $3,000, though Deluxe, Deluxe Plus, Condo and Renters’ insurance cover up to $5,000.
  • Cash – Standard coverage is a maximum of $100, though Deluxe, Deluxe Plus, Condo and Renters’ insurance cover up to $200.
  • Jewelry, watches, and furs – Standard coverage is a maximum of $500, though Deluxe, Condo and Renters’ insurance cover up to $1,000, and the Deluxe Plus coverage is up to $1,000 per item, to a maximum of $2,500.
  • Trailers – $1000 for the Deluxe Plus
  • Theft of Firearms – Deluxe Plus comes with $3,000.
  • Theft of Silverware and Goldware – The most coverage is $2,500

Contact your insurance agent to ensure your valuable possessions are covered.

It’s important to talk to an insurance agent that you can trust about ensuring your valuable possessions are fully covered.  Together, you can decide whether a personal items floater is an appropriate choice for enhancing the coverage for your most valuable possessions. This additional coverage can help to protect you above and beyond the typical California property insurance sublimits.

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