California is the first to accept federal healthcare reform

California is the first to accept federal health care reform

In the United States, healthcare reform is set to become law as of 2014.

Approximately twenty states currently have taken the stand that this is unconstitutional and are fighting it in the legal system. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed two bills on October 1st to address California’s acceptance of the healthcare reform.

One of the bills that Schwarzenegger signed creates a good-sized purchasing pool for health insurance. California is the first out of the fifty states to do this. His goal is to ensure that every Californian resident can have the coverage they need, without draining the General Fund of the state.

In addition to signing the bills for the creation of the Exchange, it was also announced that a new website has been launched to help Californian’s with their healthcare options now and in the future. If is located at:

When 2014 arrives, California’s Exchange will make it possible for individuals and small businesses to have options. This is also required under the upcoming federal reform that will become the law in a few years. Those who support the reform bill and the Exchange feel that this will be a significant benefit to the five million Californians that are currently without health insurance.

Other states are not quick to follow suit, as there is significant debate about the legality of healthcare reform. Many states are hesitant to begin as they are unsure that this reform will be effective in the long run.

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