California health insurance exchange on track to reach enrollment goal

California Health Insurance exchange popularity

Covered California is finding success in the most recent open enrollment period

California’s health insurance exchange, Covered California, is reporting healthy enrollment numbers as the open enrollment period continues. The state has been working to promote the exchange as a place to find affordable insurance coverage for those that currently lack it. Promotional efforts seem to be paying off, as thousands of consumers have applied for coverage through Covered California. The state is currently on track to reach its goal of adding some 500,000 new consumers to the exchange during the open enrollment period.

300,000 people have enrolled for coverage through the exchange

According to Covered California, some 300,000 people have enrolled for coverage between November 15 and December 3 this year. Approximately 130,000 people have applied for individual coverage through the state’s insurance exchange during the first weeks of the open enrollment period. This is up from the 105,000 people that enrolled for coverage during the start of last year’s open enrollment period.

California aims to have 500,000 new people enrolled in the exchange by February 2015

California Health Insurance exchange popularityCalifornia currently has a goal of enrolling 500,000 new people into the state’s insurance exchange by the end of the open enrollment period in February 2015. In order to accomplish this goal, the state’s insurance exchange has been working with community groups and medical organizations to promote the services that Covered California provides. The exchange has also been highlighting the fact that low-income individuals and families could take advantage of subsidies being offered by the federal government, which could make coverage significantly more affordable.

Exchange manages to avoid significant technical difficulties

The state’s health insurance exchange has managed to avoid significant technical difficulties this year. During the last open enrollment period, the exchange had some trouble enrolling people that applied for coverage. This was due to technical faults with the exchange itself. While this created some frustration for consumers, the majority of those applying for coverage were able to do so quickly and without any trouble. These technical issues have been resolved in order to create a better experience for consumers.

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