California health insurance is available to many for only $10 per month

California health insurance - 10 dollars

One million uninsured state residents are eligible for the lowest-cost plans from the marketplace.

The open enrollment period for 2023 has now begun and California health insurance is available to millions of state residents for as little as $10 per month.

Some individuals and families shopping on the state’s marketplace can find coverage at no cost.

Among the 1.7 million state residents who can shop on the Covered California marketplace, two out of every three are eligible for plans that are as cheap as $10 per month. Moreover, many of them can receive their California health insurance at no cost to them.

California health insurance - California Costs

It’s currently estimated that about 1 million people living in the state don’t have coverage but are eligible for the lowest-cost or even no-cost coverage through the state marketplace or Medi-Cal. Of every 10 state residents who enroll through the marketplace, 9 receive financial assistance to make the coverage more affordable.

“Millions of Californians now have access to affordable health coverage and now is the time to go sign up for health insurance to keep yourself and your family healthy,” said state Governor Gavin Newsom. “With the support of the Biden-Harris Administration, more Californians than ever before are insured with quality health coverage through Covered California. We won’t stop until every Californian – regardless of income or immigration status – has the health insurance they need and deserve.”

The California health insurance marketplace has been reaching out to the uninsured more than ever before.

The exchange has taken more actions than ever before to reach people who are uninsured and provide them with ways to ensure that their coverage will be affordable, said a recent news release from Newsom’s office. The Newsom Administration also took the opportunity to underscore complementary efforts made to help lower health care costs altogether, so that coverage and care are more affordable overall.

The release placed the spotlight on the affordability of coverage purchased through the California health insurance exchange, but also in reducing the cost of insulin, negotiating and lowering the prices of prescription drugs, expanding Medi-Cal to undocumented state residents who are income-eligible, eliminating premiums from Medi-Cal for hundreds of thousands of people, and opening the Office of Health Care Affordability to take on the primary drivers sending coverage and care prices skyward.

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