Bringing your dog to work day can boost creativity in the workplace

Pet InsuranceTake Your Dog to Work Day was started back in 1999, being sponsored by Petplan, a pet insurance company. On Friday, June 24th it will be that long awaited day again and many companies across the nation celebrate this day. It has been proven by the American Pet Products Manufactures Association that this event keeps a positive presence in the work place.

According to a survey, a majority of workers feel that by having a pet within the workplace leads to a much more creative workplace. This, as well as strengthens the relationship between that of the managers and employees.

As we all know, happy employees are productive employees. That is a given, and by accepting this day into your work area, you can bring out peoples creative talents that normally their environment could not. It also shows that the company is willing to provide for the health of both the pets and their owners.

Sure, this day is awesome, but it doesn’t come without its own rules. The animals participating in the day must have had all their shots, vaccines and their monthly flea and tick treatments that are needed. The pets must also be able to behave around other animals as well as other people. Any pet with aggressive behavior will be asked to leave. The animals must be house broken as well. The owner is responsible for any ‘accidents’. And, lastly, the pets must always be supervised. Never are they allowed to roam around on their own.

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