Breast Cancer Awareness Month; A fresh look at a three-pronged approach to personal cancer protection

Breast Cancer AwarenessThough cancer is a frightening and potentially devastating illness that affects millions of families across the country and around the world, many Americans are learning how to take action to protect themselves as much as they can from the impact of this disease.

This effort has three stages and, in the unfortunate event that cancer should occur, it ensures that its impact on your life, that of your family, and on your future will be kept as low as possible.

The first step is prevention. A healthy lifestyle, including choices that will lower your risk of various cancers, can make a significant difference. Often, this involves efforts as simple as eating more nutritious foods and stepping up your daily activity levels. It should also include regular screenings, to make sure that any cancers that do occur are detected as quickly as possible. The earlier the stage of a cancer, the better the chances that it can be successfully treated.

The second step involves the treatment itself. Unfortunately, traditional health insurance will typically fail to cover 65 percent of cancer-related costs in your life. For that reason, many people are purchasing supplemental cancer insurance policies that provide a broad range of additional coverage; from preventative testing to the best forms of treatments which could otherwise be cost-prohibitive. This type of insurance stops you from having to decide between your life and the financial present and future of your family.

The third step includes supporting charities and other organizations that give to cancer research, and that provide services such as financial assistance, transportation to hospitals (for chemotherapy, for example) to patients who are battling the disease. There are also products available to support where proceeds support colored ribbon campaigns, and companies that hold promotions for charitable donations made for every purchase or new client, for example.

In fact, it is possible to cover all three of these steps in one action. has announced that it will be taking part in Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October by donating $1.00 to the Susan G. Koman for the Cure Foundation for every legitimate cancer insurance quote request that is made through the website. This will allow you to obtain the cancer insurance you need, at the best price and coverage for effective prevention and treatment, while donating to a worthy cause at no additional cost to the customer – all with a few clicks of the mouse. Visit for more information.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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