Boston area snow-related insurance claims continue to rise

Boston snow storm insurance news

There have already been a large number of filings, but more are expected as a result of ice dams.

This winter hasn’t been an easy on for people living in Boston and the surrounding area, and insurance claims have been piling up as a result of damage from snow and collisions on slippery and narrowed roads.

Everything from leaky roofs to car accidents that resulted from the weather have been keeping insurers busy.

The insurance claims are only expected to rise as the weather-related damages are predicted to worsen over the next few weeks in the Boston area. Meteorologists have been predicting that more snow is on its way, and insurance companies have been bracing themselves for a rise in the number of problems that will come with them. Moreover, as the spring starts to arrive, insurers also believe that customers will continue their filings as they discover problems that had been buried in snow and that will only start to reveal themselves with the melt.

The main concern, at the moment, is insurance claims that will come as a result of the forming of ice dams.

Boston snow storm insurance newsThese can stop drainage from flowing properly and can drive water back into houses, causing leaks. Many homeowners insurance policyholders have already started to make reports of damage from ice dams, but it is believed that this is only the beginning. Many insurance companies have received double to triple the number of claims of this nature that they would have experienced in the typical year. That said, they are only predicting that there will be more damage to come.

Moreover, insurance companies are also warning customers that if they see a little bit of water now, that could be only the beginning of the true problem. As the spring melt begins, it will bring a great deal more water with it than has started to show up in homes at the moment.

Many insurers are contracting with independent adjusters in order to make sure that they will have enough people available to visit homeowners and make assessments based on insurance claims that have been made.

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