Boat insurance is now taking dogs and other animals into account

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dog insuranceSome pet insurance coverage now includes injuries on the water.

The largest recreational boat owners group in the United States, BoatUS, has just announced that it has launched a number of programs that are designed specifically for owners of dogs and other animals, such as the pet insurance coverage that is being offered through its boat insurance.

The coverage is available to boaters through the BoatUS Marine Insurance Program.

It first came effective on June 1, 2012, and is a form of pet insurance protection that will automatically include a coverage of $1,000 to any injuries that were sustained by the animal due to an accident which occurred on the water. It also has a death benefit.

Both of these coverages are included in the boat insurance at no additional cost to the policyholder.

According to the vice president of underwriting at BoatUS, Mike Pellerin, “At BoatUS we know accidents don’t just impact your boat and ‘human’ family or guests aboard — sometimes pets get hurt too.” He explained that if the watercraft experiences a loss that is covered and the policyholder’s (or a family member’s) dog or cat was onboard and was injured during the incident, then the insured individual will receive payments of up to $1,000 to help to cover veterinary expenses, or final arrangements if the pet does not survive the accident.

Pellerin stated that “This is just another way we take care of our members.”

BoatUS has also expanded its website to include a pet insurance section that shows a photo gallery of different animals, as well as a number of helpful and interesting articles about boating pets. Furthermore, there is an online shop that offers a number of pet safety products for animals that are taken out on the water, such as a dog collar with GPS tracking, and boarding ramps for pets.

Other features being provided by BoatUS online include ways to train dogs on the water to reduce the risk of having to make a boat insurance claim relating to those pets, a list of marinas that are pet friendly, ways to earn Dog Scouts merit badges, and a message board where site users can discuss various relevant topics and ask questions about taking pets along while boating.


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