Black Friday insurance coverage takes many forms this year

Black friday insurance
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While consumers shuffle their way through crowded stores and pick up extra purchases online, coverage is key.

Among the preparations shoppers are making to ensure they get the best deal, adequate Black Friday insurance coverage is also vital. Before heading out to pick up the top tech gifts of 2017 there are several forms of insurance coverage that may be needed.

The odds are that most consumers have policies in place, but the key is in reviewing and updating them.

After all, when shoppers are out in crowded parking lots and stores, when they’re stashing hot purchases in their cars, and when they’re tucking them under Christmas trees at home, there are many things that can go wrong.

For most people, the roads and parking lots are the first place where consumers can get more than they bargained for. From fender benders to door dings or even – goodness forbid – struck pedestrians, the right Black Friday insurance policy comes in the form of an auto policy.

While the top recommendation is to be alert and extra cautious in parking lots, accidents still happen. According to Farmers Insurance head of claims customer experience, Paul Quinn, there is a 25 percent increase in parking lot accidents on Back Friday compared to any other typical Friday throughout the rest of the year.

Black Friday insurance claims spike as a result of people rushing their way through crowded parking lots.

Black friday insuranceAn auto insurance claim covers damages to the driver’s own vehicle minus the deductible if collision insurance is included. Auto liability insurance covers damage done by the at-fault driver to someone else’s property. A policy can also help to pay for medical care if anyone is injured.

The average Black Friday is also the one day of the year when there are the most thefts, says Travelers insurance claim data. Should property such as new purchases be stolen out of a car or home, renters or homeowners insurance can provide coverage. That said, it’s important to remember that a deductible applies here, too.

Consumers are reminded to review their Black Friday insurance coverage before they head out to shop. That way, they will know what is covered, can make any necessary changes, and will understand their deductibles in case a claim needs to be filed.

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