Automobile insurance for those who have had a DUI conviction

Driving while drinking

When a DUI conviction occurs…

it can have a significant impact on automobile insurance premiums, and it can lead consumers who face this issue to ask a number of important questions.

These questions commonly include the following:

• What impact does a DUI have on a person’s premiums? State laws dictate the guidelines for insurance companies in terms of how long a DUI conviction can have an impact on an individual’s car insurance premiums. A DUI – just like the majority of other minor and major convictions – will keep a driver’s rates elevated for a minimum of three years.

If a motorist lives in a state where this type of offense is kept on record for longer than that time (which is commonly the case), then it may have an impact on premiums for over five years. The surcharge with California insurance companies, for example, a driver can’t receive a safe-driDUI Driving while drinkingver discount for up to ten years following a conviction for a DUI.

• What is an SR-22, and how are insurance premiums influenced by it? An SR-22 certificate is an official statement of financial responsibility. Many states dictate that a driver that has had a DUI and has had their license reinstated must have a SR-22. It should be noted that these certificates are also issued for driving offenses unrelated to alcohol.

If you have been convicted of a DUI, once your license is reinstated, you may be notified of a requirement to carry an SR-22. At the same time, you will be informed of your state’s minimum car insurance limit for SR-22 carriers.

You will not be able to obtain your SR-22 without having proof of the required insurance, and you will not be able to legally drive without the certificate. The certificate is what tells the state that you have adequate insurance coverage as someone with a record of a DUI conviction.

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