Auto insurance survey gives the leaders some time in the spotlight

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This latest study took a number of different categories into consideration to show where insurers shine.

The auto insurance industry has just undergone another study, this time to help to provide some insight into the way that consumers think about the various insurers offering them coverage.

Leading the companies in terms of customer satisfaction was USAA.

According to the respondents to the auto insurance survey, one in every four said that they had considered changing their providers at some point during the last year. Among the customers in that category, Esurance had the largest number while USAA had the smallest number of policyholders who were considering switching.

Auto Insurance surveyThe auto insurance study surveyed over 20,000 customers throughout North America.

This auto insurance research was conducted by Market Force Information. It found that for customer satisfaction, the leaders following USAA were Amica, Erie Insurance Group, The Hartford, State Farm, and AAA.

The responses that were provided from the customers were ranked through the use of a “Delight Index”. This was a form of analysis that was designed to help to determine the overall satisfaction of a policyholder as well as the odds that the individual will recommend that auto insurance company to someone they know.

Among the respondents to the auto insurance survey, 79 percent stated that they would recommend USAA to a friend or colleague. When asked the same question, 54 percent said that they would recommend Erie, 50 percent would do so for State Farm, and AAA would be recommended by 49 percent of its customers.

Furthermore, the customers at USAA were found to be the most loyal, as 75 percent of the respondents said that they were committed to this provider. Erie’s customers were committed 42 percent of the time, 45 percent of State Farms were loyal, 49 percent were loyal to Amica, and 40 percent to AAA.

The Market Force Information auto insurance study also looked into the insurers that were patronized the most by consumers, and asked them which provider they used for their coverage. There were five leaders in this category: State Farm at 18 percent, GEICO at 13 percent, Allstate was tied with Progressive at 8 percent, and USAA had 6 percent.

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