Auto insurance study identifies the worst drivers in the US

child kid auto insurance bad worst drivers

Recent research has identified Montana as being the state that has the worst drivers on its roads.

As the Thanksgiving holiday weekend came to a close and the weather starts to turn slightly less friendly to drivers, an auto insurance study has determined exactly where the worst drivers in the country live, regardless of how bad or great you think your local road users might be.

Montana took the unwanted top spot of having the drivers on its roads that are the most dangerous.

The auto insurance research was conducted by, which ranked the states based on a number of different traffic fatality categories. It showed that when Montana’s numbers were examined, it came in at the top of the list for speeders, was in sixth place for careless driving and was in eighth place when it came to overall failure to obey the traffic laws. Clearly, this is not the type of top spot that reflects well on the state or its drivers.

The state also has certain additional factors that increase its chances of auto insurance claims and fatalities.

child kid auto insurance bad worst driversAccording to the director of the study, Tyler Spraul, “Montana has the potentially deadly combination of high speed limits and severe winter weather that could really be driving up fatality rates.”

That said, Montana isn’t the only state that experienced some unwanted insurance news from this study. The research also showed that New Mexico – which had not been included on last year’s top ten list for the same categories, spiked to tie for second place with South Carolina. That reflects a considerable change in the dangerous driving trends for drivers in that state.

When looking at New Mexico’s figures, it showed that the state was in fifth place for careless driving and was in tenth place for driving under the influence of alcohol. It also saw high numbers for failure to obey traffic laws and for speeding.

Spraul explained that it was specifically concerning that there had been such an increase in the rate of DUIs in New Mexico in this auto insurance study, saying that “The rate of drunk driving should be a cause for concern among New Mexico residents, as their biggest change came in that category.”

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