Auto insurance rates for families adding teen drivers in Utah heads 89 percent higher

teen drivers

Coverage for adolescents behind the wheel in the state is now tied for the fifteenth highest increase.

Teen Driver Safety auto insuranceIt isn’t much of a secret that auto insurance coverage for a teen driver can be quite a costly purchase, but families in Utah are watching their family policies skyrocket in cost as they add an adolescent to their coverage.

A new report has shown that the average annual premium increase for these drivers was 89 percent.

The report was issue by and it showed that this auto insurance premiums increase was the 15th highest across the country. The largest contributor to the cost of the coverage was – according to the report – the cost associated with teen males. These young men sent the rates up by a massive average 106 percent. On the other hand, while young adolescent women also experienced a considerable rate hike, it was nowhere near as high as their male counterparts, having brought about increases of 72 percent.

Across the country, the average auto insurance premiums were 92 percent higher for teen males.

Their female counterparts, on the other hand, will now be paying an average of 72 percent more for their coverage. That said, the report did also reveal that the increases that are being seen on an annual basis are actually declining with every year of age. For example, while the average sixteen year old may be paying 96 percent more, that drops to 58 percent more for those who are nineteen years old.

New Hampshire was recorded to be the state that had the highest cost associated with covering teenage drivers. There, the average insurance premium increased by 111 percent. That state was among seven others in which premiums experienced more than a doubling once a teen driver was added to a family policy, said the report. The other states in this group were Rhode Island, Maine, Connecticut, Wyoming, Oregon and Illinois.

On the other hand, the state where it was the least expensive to add a teen driver to a family auto insurance policy was in Hawaii, which is the only state in which the law prohibits the use of age in the calculation of premiums. Length of driving experience and gender are also not permitted to be taken into consideration for those purposes.

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