Auto insurance law in California now allows digital proof of coverage

electronic proof of auto insurance

proof of auto insuranceSmartphone and tablet users can now prove the existence of their valid policies with their devices.

Now that 2013 is officially here, so is a new California auto insurance law that will make it a bit easier for drivers who are required to prove their coverage to the police when they have been pulled over.

Instead of digging through the glove box to find the proof of policy, a digital copy is now acceptable.

The hope is that it will make it much faster and easier for drivers to be able to prove that they have auto insurance when they are pulled over or even when they are driving through a DUI checkpoint and other times in which they need to provide proof of coverage. It should also help to overcome the issue of finding a copy of the proof, only it is not the most recent edition.

Showing that valid auto insurance policies are in place will be as simple as calling up a file on a mobile device.

The mobile device user would be required to store the proof of auto insurance on his or her smartphone or tablet. Then, when it is needed, it can be used as proof of coverage instead of having to find the printed document. At the moment, there has already been a great deal of positive interest in this additional form of proving that a policy has been purchased. Some drivers are now hoping that it will become possible to store a digital driver’s license on the devices, as well.

Though that option is not yet available, the smartphone proof of auto insurance should help to considerably boost convenience. State Farm is already offering this option to its customers. To use it, they must download the insurer’s app. Once that has been installed, they can then use the “auto” section to view the policy card. What is displayed is the current proof of insurance and is legally acceptable to show to police.

According to State Farm agent David Chacon, when asked about this new proof of auto insurance, “The easiest convenience, I think, is you always forget to put your new insurance card in your glove box, so this way it is always updated and ready to go.”

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