Auto insurance industry identifies vehicles that cause the most injuries

2012 Toyota Yaris - Auto Insurance Report

A recent study has shown the makes and models of the cars in which the most people are hurt.

The results of an auto insurance industry report have just been released and have named the vehicles in which the largest number of injuries are experienced when they are involved in a crash.

This data showed that the Toyota Yaris had the highest number of injuries per accident.2012 Toyota Yaris - Auto Insurance Report

The information used for the research was obtained from the Highway Loss Data Institute, which looked at the auto insurance data for vehicles in model years 2009 through 2011. It determined that drivers and passengers in the Yaris filed the largest number of personal injury claims among all vehicle models in those years. That model saw 28.5 personal injury claims for every 1,000 insured vehicles.

Comparatively, the best auto insurance statistics came from the Porsche 911.

That vehicle saw the best rate, with only 4.5 injury claims from its occupants for every 1,000 insured cars.

In response to this study, Brian Lyons, a spokesperson from Toyota, said that “Toyota is committed to achieving the highest standards for safety and is proud of its industry-leading 18 Toyota, Lexus and Scion models, including the Yaris, named 2012 ‘Top Safety Picks’ by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.”

The researchers in this study did point out that it was typically smaller cars from which the highest number of injury claims were generated. It pointed out that this new understanding will be important for the auto insurance industry as well as for federal safety regulators, as a supplement to the crash tests that they regularly conduct.

Highway Loss Data Institute senior vice president, Kim Hazelbaker, stated that the claims for personal injury help to illustrate an element that is not identified through basic crash tests. It also reveals a vital factor regarding the role played by the size of the vehicle.

She stated that in the majority of crash tests, larger and heavier vehicles have an advantage that is masked by the use of a fixed barrier. For this reason, the results seen in crash tests are typically comparable among vehicles of all sizes. She also pointed out that these new auto insurance numbers help to create a better understanding of which occupants of the vehicles have the greatest likelihood of injury when involved in a crash.

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