Auto insurance costs fell only in California

auto insurance price decrease california

According to data from the Consumer Federation of America, that is the only state where this occurred.

According to the latest data from the United States, California is the only state in the country where auto insurance costs have been decreasing over the last two decades that ended in 2010.

This data was collected and analyzed by a consumer group that attributed the decline to a state law.

The Consumer Federation of America is attributed the decreasing cost of auto insurance in California to a law that was passed in the state that provided regulators with greater control over the rates that were being charged. This was accomplished despite the fact that decreases in cost were not seen in any other state in the country.

auto insurance price decrease californiaOn average, in 2010, drivers in California spent $746 on their auto insurance coverage for the year.

This was $2 less than the price that they were paying in 1989. That was the year that followed the vote that gave a greater amount of power to the state’s auto insurance watchdog, according to the Consumer Federation of America in a statement that was released to the media. This was extremely significant, considering that the average amount paid by American, as a whole, in 2010, was $791, which represented an increase of 43 percent over what they had been paying in 1989.

The voter proposition gave the auto insurance regulator in California the power to give their approval to rate increases before insurers were allowed to implement them. It also formed the requirement that insurers must make a larger amount of their data public, and gave consumer groups the ability to request hearings when proposals have been made by the companies.

According to J. Robert Hunter, the Consumer Federation of America’s insurance director, “No other state has put in place the kind of strong oversight that California voters created in 1988, and no other state has seen auto insurance prices decline.” In fact, the data from the study showed that some states saw skyrocketing price. Montana, Louisiana, and Nebraska all saw an increase of at least 90 percent from 1989 through 2010.

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