Auto insurance confusion leaves some snowbirds uninsured

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For those who drive south throughout the winter, it’s important to remember state coverage regulations.

New information has been released from, a consumer financial info provider, which has revealed that snowbirds who drive to warmer states throughout the winter may not have the auto insurance coverage they need as they move from one region of the country to the next.

Every year, there are about a million people who head to Florida and Arizona receives another 300,000.

While these snowbirds move from Canada and more northern states using their own vehicles, many of them forget to look into the auto insurance requirements in each state through which they travel. There are many differences in regulations from one place to the next and required coverage can change based on many factors, including where the vehicle has been registered and where it is spending most of its time. Before travel, it is recommended that drivers look into their car insurance requirements so they can adjust their coverage appropriately.

These steps will help to make certain that a vehicle has adequate auto insurance and that it is kept valid.

auto insurance ride share programPolicy comparison site explained that “You can’t insure a car and register it in two different states, except in rare circumstances,” adding that “That means your first hurdle is finding out whether you must register in your winter home state.”

For instance, if a vehicle is kept in Florida for a total of 90 days per year – regardless of whether or not that time is a consecutive period of days – then coverage will need to comply with that state’s registration requirements. That said, for snowbirds heading to Arizona, their cars need to be registered only if they remain in the state for seven months out of a given year.

In both Florida and Arizona, drivers visiting for winter months are considered to be part-time residents and are allowed to keep the driver’s licenses they have from their home states. That said, if a vehicle is registered at the winter residence, then auto insurance must also be purchased through an insurer that is licensed within that state. Moreover, it is also important that the minimum coverage be carried in order to comply with the insurance laws within the state in which the vehicle is being used.

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