Auto insurance available through Walmart in Ohio


The massive retailer has now expanded its online car coverage into the state for the first time.

As of this week, the largest retailer in the world has expanded its service for selling auto insurance online into the Ohio, to bring its total number of states where it offers the coverage to eleven.

Walmart first launched the service for the first time back in May, and it has been expanding it steadily.

The auto insurance program is being run through and it gives consumers the opportunity to conduct a comparison between the vehicle policy that they already have with one from any of a number of different national carriers. The service allows residents of Ohio to be able to use the tool to ensure that they are paying the best price for the coverage that they need for their cars.

The auto insurance service is now available through the official website for Walmart.

Walmart auto insuranceTo take advantage of the service, consumers either use the Walmart Stores website or visit and log in. They are then able to retrieve their current car insurance information by inputting their personal info. By doing that, they are then presented with other policies that offer the same type of coverage that they want or require.

This gives the customer the opportunity to decide whether they want to keep their current coverage or to switch to an option with a better price if they are able to find it. Should the customer decide that he or she would like to change their policy, then they are encouraged to phone a toll free number to speak with a licensed agent, to save their information so that they can return to it later and make a purchase, or they can buy it online, right away.

Along with this auto insurance announcement, Walmart announced that the inclusion of Ohio has meant that it is now accessible to over half of the total population of the country. It was not revealed whether or not the company intends to continue its expansion, but considering the strategies it has followed in the past, there is no reason to believe that it won’t.

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