Arizona State career development program gets a boost from State Farm donation

State Farm Donation - Arizona State University (ASU)

ASU received $30 million from the insurer for its “Pathways for the Future” program.

Arizona State University (A.S.U.) has received a substantial $30 million State Farm donation directed right into the new “Pathways for the Future” career development program.

The university’s new program offers students with financial aid when they enroll in online courses.

Students from A.S.U. and Maricopa County Community College can use the program to receive financial aid when they register for online courses at the university. Other students who can benefit from the State Farm donation to the program are local high school students. Moreover, career professionals seeking to update or enhance their education can also receive assistance through Pathways for the Future.

The online courses are created to provide students with skills within three different academic tracks, including business/leadership, humanities/social sciences, and STEM/engineering. The university’s goal for the program is to provide tomorrow’s workforce with a greater capacity for learning, adapting and transitioning into new and emerging opportunities for employment and careers.

The State Farm donation represents a meaningful boost in funding for the program.

“Technological change holds enormous promise and the potential for job creation. It also challenges employees, employers and students and presents a change we all must adapt to,” said Michael Tipsord, State Farm C.E.O. and chairperson. “Today represents a new milestone in our relationship with ASU and builds on our corporate commitment to prepare not only for what’s coming, but for what is already happening.”

Upon receipt of the donation from the insurance company, A.S.U. president Michael Crow praised State Farm for its support. It referred to the company as a “good neighbor” to the university over the last several years. Crow pointed out that the university and the insurer share values, and that their “mutual commitment and investment of human and financial capital makes for an ideal partnership,” in the career development program.

Crow has also underscored the importance of the State Farm donation and pointed out that the university is a strong believer in the evolving universal learning model. He stated State Farm Donation - Arizona State University (ASU)that A.S.U. is striving to improve the accessibility of higher education, regardless of where they are in their lives or what their socioeconomic background may be.

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