Americans speculate regarding the outcome of the Supreme Court’s decision regarding the health care reforms

Health Care ReformAccording to a poll performed by the Kaiser Family Foundation, the majority of people in the United States believe that the Supreme court will rule against the law at the center of the health care reform that would require Americans to purchase health insurance, and that it will deem this law to be unconstitutional.

Slightly less than one third of Americans believe that the Affordable Care Act provision of the healthcare overhaul will be upheld by the Supreme Court. When the participants in the poll were asked whether or not they would personally maintain that law, only 17 percent said that they would.

The Supreme Court will be hearing the challenges to the legality of this law beginning in March 2012.

Some of the other primary findings of the Kaiser Family Foundation poll include:

• 75 percent of the respondents said that the Justices allow their own ideological views to impact their decisions, as opposed to relying exclusively on the law.
• 17 percent believe that the Justices make decisions exclusively based upon legal analysis, without the influence of personal ideologies or political leanings.
• 59 percent felt that the Justices will use their ideological views as a part of the decision making process in this specific case.
• 28 percent believe that in this case, the Justices will utilize legal analysis and interpretation only.
• 55 percent felt that the Justices will find the healthcare mandate to be unconstitutional.
• 29 percent believe that the ruling will be that the mandate is indeed constitutional.

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