Allstate Insurance gathers supplies for North Carolina flood victims

cost of hurricanes to insurance

The massive insurer has been working to provide help to uninsured people affected by rising water.

Allstate Insurance has been working to assist its North Carolina policyholders who were victims of Hurricane Matthew. That said, they have also been making an effort to assist the members of several communities who are not insured.

The insurance company has established its Greenville, NC office as their donation center.

Since the storm, Allstate Insurance has been using that location to help to gather supplies for those who need them. They recognize that many people don’t have insurance coverage and lost much of what they owned to the storm. Therefore, they are seeking to collect as much as they can to give it to the people who won’t be receiving a check from an insurer.

The Allstate Insurance team members took it upon themselves to reach beyond helping their own policyholders.

Allstate Insurance hurricane matthew According to Derek Perry, an insurance agent with Allstate, “having lived through Floyd it was pretty simple in most of our minds, you know, what we had to do.” Perry worked with other agents from the insurance company in order to get the effort started. Those insurance agents include Carmen Jones and Matt Smith, as well as Kelly Spicer, a financial representative.

They worked together to ask the communities and surrounding areas for help over social media. They then opened the Greenville, Goldsboro and Kinston locations to serve as donations centers. This provided people and companies with a place to make their donations.

Matt Smith explained that “We’re all small business owners. We’ve chosen to live here, to work here, to raise our children here so we’re deeply invested in our community.” These agents didn’t lose touch with the fact that the people who needed help are members of their community. At that point, it isn’t just a matter of coverage. It’s a time to work together with other people to help neighbors in need.

A number of Allstate Insurance agencies are still collecting items for people who lost everything when the hurricane ripped through. They are also providing uninsured community members with information about other resources available to them, such as FEMA.

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