Allstate Insurance Drivewise telematics app receives upgrade

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The usage based auto insurance program offered by the insurer is rewarding safer drivers.

Allstate Insurance is now adding a new upgrade to the app for its Drivewise® Mobile in order to be able to enhance the experience for drivers who are looking to save money based on their safe habits behind the wheel.

This new version of the usage based insurance app is meant to boost the incentive for safe driving.

The smartphone app from Allstate Insurance has already been winning awards and is now offering drivers a new and more prominently displayed feature called Allstate Rewards. In this way, drivers will not only be able to save additional money on their premiums every six months when they show that they have safe habits, but they have an additional incentive, too. They can use this upgraded app feature to use their safe driving to earn Allstate Rewards points. Those can then be redeemed for deals on gift cards, merchandise, and offers in their local area.

The additional benefit from the Allstate Insurance pay as you drive program is a first of its kind.

auto car allstate insuranceThis is the first time that an auto insurance company has come up with a type of rewards program to incentivize safe driving through points redemption. Furthermore, what makes this program truly unique is that it is open to any driver, regardless of whether or not they have a policy with this insurer.

In the most recent version of the application, the insurance company is continuing to encourage drivers to be safe and is using a points system to make compliance more appealing. Most reward programs would require that a participant is a member or customer in some way, for example, giving rewards when a purchase is made or a bill is paid. However, in this case, all drivers need to do is have the app and drive safely in order to earn the rewards.

According to Ginger Purgatorio, the Connected Car vice president at Allstate Insurance, “We continue to drive advances in product and service innovation for all consumers,” adding that “We’re providing cutting-edge capabilities to better serve drivers and protect what matters to them most.”

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