Allstate Insurance Company launching new underwriting platform

Allstate Insurance Company

The insurer announced the implementation of the platform featuring automated data integration.

Allstate Insurance Company has announced its intentions to implement the UnderwritingCenter platform. The platform was created by Myriad Development. The goal is to improve automated data integration while enhancing the quality of risk evaluation.

UnderwritingCenter allows Allstate to automate its underwriting decision making processes.

At the same time, Allstate Insurance Company can use the underwriting platform to integrate third party data and virtual surveys into the mix. In this way, the insurer hopes to produce greater accuracy in its choices regarding risk assessment.

The trends in the insurance industry are heading in this direction to an increasing degree. Technology is playing an ever increasing role in the calculations and decision making processes throughout the different insurance markets and sectors.

The integration of UnderwritingCenter by Allstate Insurance Company allows the insurer to remain ahead.

Allstate Insurance CompanyThis insurance technology also hands Allstate the opportunity to function with improved underwriting rule flexibility. Through this method, the company can also make certain all client data is being captured at every step of the process.

This could provide the foundation for greater use of information as time goes on and as tech continues to progress. The platform solution is a solid one and is capable of supporting a considerable portion of the property market. The underwriting automation can help to improve standardization of the workflow resulting from its decision process.

The platform’s decision support has been designed to cater specifically to Allstate’s unique requirements. It allows for continual process refining so it can be adapted as the insurer evolves over time.

According to Myriad Development CEO Chris Roussel, using this platform will allow Allstate “to leverage technology innovation and information outside of the organization to produce better results, better serve agency partners and provide the best service possible to the insured.”

Allstate Insurance Company Product Operations Manager, Steve Meents, added that “The integration of the Myriad UnderwritingCenter is key in supporting Allstate’s focus of using best of breed technology and data to ensure efficiency while making accurate decisions.” The insurer is well known for using proven cutting-edge tech to improve and enhance its accuracy and efficiency.

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    Allstate insurance company sucks, I would not recommend this company to my enemy .

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