Allstate Insurance announces expansion and hiring in the Southeast and Texas

Allstate InsuranceAllstate Insurance Company has announced a number of different areas in which it will be making new hires this year. These include Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, as well as Texas.

This large insurer, has said that it is hoping to bring in 124 new agency owners within the Southeastern states. As a part of that intention, it is offering a referral reward of $5,000 to anyone who refers a qualified candidate who receives an appointment this year. As a part of a candidate’s qualification, he or she must have at least $75,000 in liquid capital for investment into his or her new agency.

On the other hand, it will also be assigning 100 additional agency owners in Texas alone, and intends to create 300 jobs within that state in doing so.

According to the Allstate regional sales leader, Jay Wischum, the insurer is seeing a sizeable opportunity within the current economy for drawing prospective agency owners, as well as mid-level and mid-career managers who are seeking to operate their own businesses while representing the insurance company.

He added that “We currently work with our existing Allstate agents, business brokers and recruiters to find professionals with financial or sales backgrounds.” At the same time, he acknowledged that entrepreneurs aren’t the only ones who can benefit, as consumers are also being provided with an opportunity in this effort as they have the chance to receive a significant reward for identifying qualifying candidates with the type of dedication to customer service that the insurer requires.

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