Allstate Foundation grant sends $1.2 million in school supplies to US teachers

Allstate Foundation grant - Teacher and classroom

Educators across the country are having their wish lists filled whether in-class or teaching online.

A recent Allstate Foundation grant sent $1.2 million in essential school supplies to teachers across the country. The goal is to help the educators to empower and excite their students, regardless of whether they are in a classroom or learning online.

Nearly 95 percent of teachers spend money from their own pockets on classroom and teaching supplies.

Of the teachers spending their own money on these supplies, the average amount spent is $500 per year. It is for this reason that the Allstate Foundation grant was directed to assist 300,000 students by providing these supplies to 1,800 teacher projects and check of the necessary supplies on lists across the country.

The teacher wish lists were posted on the online non-profit resource, DonorsChoose. That service connects teachers from high-need communities with people and organizations who would like to provide them with assistance.

The Allstate Foundation grant focused on filling social and emotional learning (SEL) projects.

The insurance company’s foundation gave to SEL projects that are centered on the development of self-control, self-awareness, and interpersonal skills critical to success at school, work, and life overall. These are the skills students require today more than ever as families must adapt to life with kids in-class or online as they also cop with the financial impact of the economic crisis and racial inequalities that have defined 2020.

“Our gift today rewards the resilience so many teachers and students have shown through such a turbulent time for schools, educators and families,” said Allstate Senior Vice President of Corporate Brand Stacy Sharpe. “It’s especially important this year to make sure students and teachers have what they need to be successful.”

Part of the Allstate Foundation grant decision was in response to the survey results it received last July. At that time, Morning Consult conducted the survey on the organization’s behalf and determined that 57 percent of students were uncertain, 50 percent were nervous, and 42 percent were stressed about returning to school this year in-class or virtually. The SEL skills taught through the recipient projects, such as stress Allstate Foundation grant - Teacher and classroommanagement, empathy and self-awareness are critical for students to learn in order to thrive in a world demanding them to constantly adapt.

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