Allstate announces good insurance news by meeting important goals

Allstate Insurance news industry

The insurer has reached some of its long-term sustainability and social impact goals.

Allstate has released some positive insurance news through its 2014 Corporate Responsibility Report, in which it underscored some of its central milestones that the insurer has achieved based on some of the key commitments that it has made.

These milestones have been a part of the insurance company’s ongoing efforts to address some serious societal issues.

Among the issues being addressed are safe driving among teens, domestic violence, and environmental sustainability. At the core of Allstate’s insurance news is the enthusiastic participation of the 30,000 employees and 10,000 agency owners throughout the company. They are the individuals who have taken part in local volunteer efforts to help to enhance community strength and improve the quality of lives of the people who live within those communities.

This insurance news also revealed some sizeable donations to local nonprofits throughout last year.

Allstate Insurance news industryThe Allstate Corporation and The Allstate Foundation, as well as employees and agency owners donated a total of $34 million throughout 2014 in their efforts to support local nonprofit groups. This brings the total donated through Allstate to a massive $300 million over the last 10 years.

According to the Allstate senior vice president of corporate responsibility, Vicky Dinges, “Corporate responsibility is embedded in our company’s culture, and we’re always looking for opportunities to be a force for good.” She added that “It’s incredible to see what can be accomplished when Allstaters come together,” in order to earn the respect and trust from their policyholders by way of making a positive difference in the communities that they all share for work and everyday life.

The primary focus of the 13th annual insurance news report for corporate responsibility by the insurer focused on three areas, which were: social impact, environmental stewardship and responsible business practices. Each of those areas was broken down into sub-categories which had their own targets and goals to be achieved by the insurance company and all of its agency owners and employees. This insurer current covers approximately 16 million homes across the country, in addition to life, auto, and other types of coverage.

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