Alabama falls victim to yet another outbreak of tornados this week – estimated cost of disaster at $30 million

TornadoBirmingham, Alabama, was hit by strong winds and a number of tornados earlier this week that caused extensive damage to homes and businesses. The city was not the only place that fell prey to disaster, however, as the storms made their way throughout much of the state. Risk modeling firm EQECAT originally estimated that the disasters could cost insurers $15 million. After surveying the extent of damage, the firm has revised that estimation to $30 million.

A total of ten tornados formed early Monday morning, causing havoc and alarming unprepared residents. The storms dealt a strong blow to homes in north and northeastern Birmingham suburbs before branching off and continuing to other parts of the state. Those left in the wake of the disaster scrambled to fortify what was left of their homes from strong rain storms that were predicted to hit the state late Thursday.

Those affected by the storms are being encouraged to get in contact with their insurance providers as soon as possible by the state’s Insurance Dpeartment. The sooner claims are filed the sooner they will be processed, meaning that victims will get the money they need to recover before too much time passes. Documentation of damage and any work being done on properties can hasten the claims process and consumers are being advised to take pictures of their homes for this very reason. Insurance agents are currently working with victims to assist in filing claims.

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