An air pressure check can help you to be ready for springtime weather changes

Car tires on winter road air pressure check

When spring comes along, it’s easy to think that the worst driving is over, but this season is unpredictable.

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make a big difference, just as an air pressure check to your tires can have a very big impact on your ability to control your vehicle even throughout the rapid changes in temperature and road conditions in the springtime.

We may think of mild weather, light showers and singing birds, but weather fluctuates a lot in springtime.

As winter begins to warm up, the snow, freezing rain and sleet start to become a thing of the past. However, it is important to keep in mind that there are regions of the country that have been struck by freak winter storms right into the first week of April. This is not entirely rare and is most likely to involve freezing rain which can coat everything in a layer of slick ice. Taking the time to perform an air pressure check can be just as important at this time of year as it is in the dead of winter.

In fact, the rapid fluctuations in springtime may make an air pressure check even more important than at other times.

Car tires on winter road air pressure checkThe reason is that even a handful of degrees can make a meaningful difference to the air pressure of your tires. Therefore, if you’ve just been through a cold day and the temperature suddenly becomes milder – or the other way around – it could mean that your vehicle will handle slightly differently than it would have only the day before. When you’re dodging slippery patches, wet roads and potholes, you need your vehicle handling to be at its best.

Using a good digital tire pressure gauge will help you to do an air pressure check all four of your tires in under two minutes. This can let you know whether or not air must be added or let out of your tires in order to make sure your car will operate the most safely and will prevent damage. Remember, hitting a pothole with an under-inflated tire can be considerably more damaging than driving over one with ideal inflation.

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