Affordable Care Act continues to generate controversy

Birth Control insurance

Birth Control Affordable Care ActAffordable Care Act again draws attention from Supreme Court due to contraception provision

Through the Affordable Care Act has been upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court, the drama surrounding the federal health care reform tax penalty has yet to dissipate. Several states still stand in opposition to the Affordable Care Act, despite the ruling of the Supreme Court, which is creating significant tension in Congress. Now, the Supreme Court has returned to the controversy surrounding the Affordable Care Act with a new ruling on one of the law’s key provisions.

Justice Sotomayor refuses to block enforcement of provision

This week, Justice Sonia Sotomayor refused to block the enforcement of an Affordable Care Act provision that would require some businesses to provide insurance coverage for contraceptive medications and devices. This provision is scheduled to go active next week and has been a point of contention with many small businesses throughout the country. Organizations with religious ties, such as Catholic universities, are among those that oppose coverage for contraceptive care.

Billionaire fails to acquire injunction

Justice Sotomayor notes that one of the primary opponents of the provision, billionaire David Green, failed to qualify for an injunction while he challenged the issue. Green’s companies, Hobby Lobby Stores and Mardel, which accounts for some 35 Christian bookstores, claimed that the provision violated their religious beliefs. Sotomayor did not touch upon this issue specifically, focusing instead on Green’s failure to acquire and injunction. The Justice noted that the companies were likely to continue to pursue the issue in lower courts.

Health care law likely to continue producing controversy

The Affordable Care Act continues to generate controversy for the U.S., especially as more of the law’s provisions become active. The whole of the law is scheduled to be enacted in January 2014. The provision regarding contraceptive care has been among the most controversial measures of the Affordable Care Act. Few companies have been granted an exemption to the provision by the federal government and the Obama administration has taken a stance of ensuring that everyone can have access to the insurance services that they believe they need.

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