Aetna insurance jobs open up for over 300 people

aetna insurance jobs work from home

The insurer has announced that a number of spots are opening up for new hires to work from home.

Aetna insurance jobs have opened up in a wave for people who are seeking to start or continue a career in the industry without having to face a commute. This is becoming an increasingly common type of position in the insurance industry as Cigna, one of Aetna’s rivals, also hires people who work from home.

The health insurance company is showing that it understands why its teams might like staying at home to work.

This latest Aetna insurance jobs hiring strategy aligns well with a recent Stanford study result. That research indicated that when a company’s staff works from home, productivity increases 13 percent over the level of counterparts who face a commute to and from their jobs. The study also indicated that working remotely makes for happier workers and, as a result, those employees have a higher likelihood of remaining with the company.

This makes it easy to understand why there are around 335 new Aetna insurance jobs opening up.

aetna insurance jobs work from homeGlobal Workplace Analytics data show that there are currently about 3.7 million people across the United States working from their homes. This number has been steadily on the rise and is forecasted to continue heading in the same direction.

The Working Mother website recently announced the 335 new insurance jobs opening up at Aetna, none of which require the employee to head in to an office or agency. The health insurance company has locations in several cities across the United States. The insurance jobs it’s currently posting include a range of different types of positions from management to marketing and from sales to technology.

Each of these work from home insurance positions qualify for the standard benefits package offered to Aetna employees. This includes medical, vision and dental plans. Moreover, these workers will also have the opportunity for apply to qualify for stock purchasing, tuition assistance, on-site fitness center access and student loan assistance. The Aetna insurance jobs also come with the chance for flexible schedule options such as compressed workweeks under certain circumstances.

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