Adding supplemental dental insurance to Medicare coverage

Dental InsuranceeHealth, Inc. subsidiary, PlanPrescriber, has now published a report for beneficiaries of Medicare who are looking to purchase additional stand-alone insurance that covers dental.

Part A and B of Medicare (also known as the Original program) does not include dental in its coverage. Therefore, if a beneficiary of Medicare experiences a medical emergency where their teeth need care, the original plan might or might not provide coverage for the emergency, depending on who has provided the care.

Furthermore, basic Medicare coverage does not provide the type of dental coverage that people typically receive from an employer, such as fillings, cleanings, and crowns. The tips that have been provided to Medicare beneficiaries in the report, therefore, include:

• That dental insurance coverage is not provided by Medicare Supplement Insurance. Even if the supplement plan will likely lead coverage in an emergency, there will still be out-of-pocket costs for more standard dental services.

• Part C Medicare Advantage plans may provide dental coverage. Many of the Advantage plans through Medicare will provide supplementary benefits such as vision and dental coverage. Therefore, if you are already on a Medicare Advantage plan, it might be a good idea to look into enrolling into this additional coverage before purchasing a separate policy.

• Make certain that your dentist accepts the type of coverage you intend to obtain. If you have a dentist that you prefer and that you intend to keep, find out which plans he or she accepts before actually making a policy purchase.

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