A new eLearning Platform will provide assistance for the insurance industry and its customers

Identity Theft InsuranceThe top provider of data and identity risk management services, Identity Theft 911, has revealed that it is offering a brand new eLearning Platform that has been created to provide personalized online training to enhance its data breach and identity theft avoidance and resolution services.

The organization is demonstrating this new online solution at the 116th National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (NMAIC) Annual Convention. The NMAIC convention is the biggest meeting of insurers in the United States and is being held from September 18 through September 21, 2011 in Indianapolis.

This tool provides courseware for privacy, data security, awareness of breach, compliance, and best practices. It offers them by way of a web-based, cutting edge, modular platform.

According to the annual data breach report released by The Digital Forensics Association, in the years 2005 through 2010, there were 3,765 known incidents of data loss and a disclosure of 806.2 million records. While there are many different potential reasons that a data breach could occur, they are primarily the result of lost or stolen devices or employee negligence. Any business that stores or manages any kind of private customer, business, employee, or patient data are at risk.

The new eLearning Platform by Identity Theft 911 is an aptitude-based turnkey solution that assists insurance companies in the education of their agents, internal claim teams, and even policyholders on protection and management against data and identity breach risks. It is designed to work seamlessly with the rest of the planning and response data breach services offered by Identity Theft 911.

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