A million Nationwide Insurance customers get an Amazon Echo Auto

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This new partnership will double the current user base of the online marketplace’s in-car device user base.

In September, Nationwide Insurance announced its intentions to give Amazon Auto Echo devices to one million customers. These devices were to be issued to new and existing qualifying car insurance policyholders.

At the same time, the insurer announced three additional Nationwide Insurance Alexa Skill features.

Nationwide Insurance Alexa Skill first launched back in 2016. The Echo Auto giveaway is meant to help promote this program. It also places the spotlight on the new partnership between the insurer and Amazon.com.

The giveaway began on September 25. The insurer will continue to give out the devices until the end of the year as long as supplies last. The terms and conditions for this giveaway state that both new and existing customers may qualify for the devices. In order to meet the qualifications, they must obtain – or already have – an auto insurance policy in states in which Nationwide does business. There are a few exceptions to this rule as a result of local regulations.

Qualifying customers who opt in are offered the Echo Auto through a redemption link in an email.

The email’s redemption link sends the qualifying customers to Amazon.com to receive one of the devices at no cost.

The three new Alexa Skill features that Nationwide announced at the same time as the device include:

• Drive Checklist – This new feature offers participating drivers a free safety checklist. The goal is to help make it easier for them to learn safer driving habits.
• Nationwide Roadside Assistance – This help is available through Alexa Skill without having to use a phone or even request a number from Alexa.
• Road Conditions – This feature makes it possible for drivers to check the road conditions and local weather along their intended route.

The Echo Auto is only one of two ways in which Nationwide Insurance and Amazon have partnered. The second is a Echo Auto - Bobbleheads Nationwide Jingle Sessions - Nationwide Insurance - YoutTubedigital insurance experience on the latter company’s website. This makes it possible for Amazon shoppers to use that site to obtain a Nationwide auto insurance quote using their Amazon login.

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