A digital tire pressure gauge can boost vehicle control on wet roads

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When wet roads ice over, or when they are simply slick with water, proper tire inflation makes a difference.

Accidents happen every day and when drivers fail to take the additional steps to maintain their vehicles, such as skipping the use of a digital tire pressure gauge that would check their inflation, they place themselves at an increase risk of experiencing a crash.

This problem only gets worse in the winter and spring when the roads are icy, wet and slippery.

Whether you live in a place where the roads completely freeze over, or whether your winters involve a rise in the amount of rain that is experienced, the change in road surfaces will reduce your control over your vehicle while you’re driving. Although it’s impossible to change everything and guarantee that you always stay where you should and avoid others who have failed to do so, simple steps like using a digital tire pressure gauge can make a notable difference in improving your odds.

A digital tire pressure gauge may not seem like much, but it lets you know if your inflation is where it should be.

snow winter road safety ice auto insurance digital tire pressure gaugeThe importance of tire inflation is often underestimated. It is more likely that people will focus on the amount of tire tread that is left than to check their air pressure as frequently as they should. Tire tread is, of course, important, and a tread depth gauge is also a great tool to have – and to use – to know that you haven’t worn the rubber down to a point that is lower than it should be. However, it isn’t the only factor worth considering.

It is also a good idea to think about maintaining your skills as much as your vehicle. Do you remember what you should do if you find your car in a skid or if it starts hydroplaning? Did you need to think about it for a second, or was it something that came to you automatically? Keep in mind that you don’t have time to think about what to do in those circumstances. You need to simply react.

Before the next freeze, before the next melt and before the next large rain storm, do yourself a favor and check your tread depth, use a digital tire pressure gauge, adjust the inflation of your tires, and review the proper techniques for handling a skidding, sliding or hydroplaning vehicle.

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