6 Ways to Save Money This Year

ways to save money this year

Money management is a vital part of everyday living. Regardless of how high your monthly earnings are, the smallest changes can make a big difference in your end-of-month reserves. Whether you cut down on expenses or adopt a minimalist lifestyle, knowing how to save money can also improve your overall well-being. If you’re all set to start counting pennies, this article offers six simple, yet practical money-saving tips you can start implementing right away.

1. Leverage online deals

6 Ways to Save Money This Year

We all appreciate exceptional offers, especially when it comes to shopping and paying bills. However, the challenge is finding them when they’re needed. Luckily, various sites list highly curated offers. An example that comes to mind is Moneygains, an easy to use platform that enables you to save money by offering the best deals. Search “compare electricity prices NI” to find the best deals from top electrical companies with high ranking reliability in Northern Ireland.

For example, if you’re in Northern Ireland as a residential customer, you can enjoy excellent electric rates from a utility company of your choice and other top electric suppliers in the industry. This includes Electric Ireland, Budget Energy, Click Energy, Power NI, and SSE Airtricity. The wide range of electrical rate plans available gives you the power of choice to help you make an informed, super-saving decision when concerning your electric bill.

2. Cancel membership subscriptions

Maybe it’s time you reconsidered that gym membership. Investing in some workout equipment and exercising at home means you can stop paying those exuberant monthly membership fees for a service you rarely use (we’re guessing). Look into other areas of your lifestyle and decide which membership or subscription needs to be slashed.

3. Start piggybank saving

How to save money

As with most things in life, starting with the basics always helps to establish a solid foundation. With a piggy bank (or even a small neck jar) you can literally save every penny. It might sound insignificant at first, but you’ll be amazed by how much you can accumulate with this simple approach. Remember, the first law of prudence is engaging in smart money habits. So, go ahead and start collecting those pennies.

4. Play the numbers game

Budgeting is a term known by many, dreaded by most, and followed by few. A survey in 2018 showed that up to 60% of the participants did not track their spending. Budgeting doesn’t need to be complicated and tedious. Simply put, it’s a spending plan that allows you to monitor the flow of your income and expenses. You can easily install mobile applications on your phone to ease the entire process and give you full control of your money.

5. Remember, cash is always king

cash is king when it comes to savings

Holding cash exclusively for your day-to-day expenses makes you more aware of your spending. Even more, using cash rather than a card further helps you account for those smaller everyday trips. No doubt, the reduction of card purchases also means you’ll have to cut down on your online purchases significantly. This can be a challenging habit to start and maintain. However, if you can begin with just one area of your life (like cooking at home instead of ordering takeaway), it’ll inspire you to expand into other areas.

6. Grow your own food

With a little passion and basic research, you could start and sustain a garden with the potential of maintaining your dietary needs all year long. Youtube videos, blogs, local fruit markets, and garden clubs are excellent sources of information.

Remember, the fundamental goal here is limiting the cost of planting and optimizing your yield. This will help save you a lot with an added advantage of selling or swapping the surplus.

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