4 Useful Ways to Ensure Your Upcoming New Website’s Security

website's security

Having an online presence gives your business a fighting chance against the throngs of competition out there – a chance to be seen, heard, and bought from. Your target market is looking for you as much as you’re looking for them, provided you have a product that’s of value to a certain niche population.

Launching a company website generates brand awareness and better interactions with customers. However, it’s vital to focus on security when building your site — otherwise, your website could repel customers instead of reeling them in.

How do I make my website secure before I launch?

This article is best for businesses that have either a parked domain or are still on the process of purchasing one and also on the lookout for a secure and reliable web hosting provider. Let’s get started.

Find a reliable host. This is where you house your domain. A secure and reliable house is the perfect staging zone for an effective web presence. You have tons of options, and each provider offers unique advantages and disadvantages over the other. Established web hosts like Crazy Domains allow you to customize your site’s security, this is the first step to ensuring a safe environment to your site users.

Slow page loading speed, data loss, errors, plus other experience-breaking issues can turn away potential customers, but a reliable hosting provider can easily keep your site live and secure, which is particularly important if you’re an e-commerce store.

Manage plugins and other add-ons. Both of these improve user-experience but overdoing it can be hazardous since these can slow your site down or affect responsiveness. Before adding them, it’s essential to examine the details, reputation, and revision history of any plugin or add-ons whether it came from your CMS or a third-party.

Enable automatic backups. Your choice to take your business online takes time, effort, and sometimes a heck-ton of money. While sites are hardy, they can still fail, don’t be caught unprepared and lose all of your hard work. Many web hosting providers offer automatic and manual system backups to revive your company’s website materials and get your site live in a jiffy.

Apply secure sockets layer certificate. Secure transactions are crucial function for businesses whether or not it’s an e-commerce site. Utilizing secure sockets layer (SSL) certificates is one of the top first lines of defense for online purchases.

When request data from customers or site visitors, the interchange is verified with SSL, which is typically provided by your host. This safeguards site transactions against cybercriminals who otherwise can gather unencrypted information or plain text through site transactions. SSL works by encrypting sensitive data like credit and debit card numbers.

Getting your website from a brick and mortar store to a digital environment requires a combination of sound planning and great execution, which is done through the right choice of a domain name, web hosting provider, and security features. These don’t have to cost a lot of money, but the ROI value you can gain can go beyond your initial investment. There you have it. We hope these considerations help you start the right way.

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