300,000 Minnesotans affected by data breach targeted health insurance provider

Minnesota Health Insurance

Vital information has been stolen from Anthem, which could affect consumers in a major way

Approximately 300,000 residents of Minnesota have been affected by a massive data breach that struck major health insurance company Anthem, according to the state’s Commerce Department. Anthem has reported that the Social Security numbers of more than 200,000 consumers have been compromised, which could lead to identity theft and other issues. The health insurance company reported the data breach earlier this year, which compromised the information of many of its clients. The insurer has been working with state agencies and security firms to resolve the issue and mitigate any damage it could cause.

Personal information from 100,000 people has been stolen from Anthem

The Minnesota Commerce Department also notes that the personal information of another 100,000 consumers has been compromised. This information includes names, dates of birth, telephone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses. Income data has also been stolen through the data breach and the data taken could cause financial problems for those affected. Currently, Anthem is not aware of any fraudulent activity that has been taken against its clients in the wake of the data breach.

Consumers are advised to use credit monitoring services

Minnesota Health InsuranceThe state is advising that those affected by the data breach take steps to protect themselves. Consumers are being urged to take advantage of credit monitoring services. Those affected by the data breach may receive aid from Anthem, which is working with several firms to protect its policyholders. Notably, Anthem does not sell health insurance directly to consumers in Minnesota. Instead, the company offers coverage to employers, who then pass this coverage on to their workers. Consumers are still affected by the data breach regardless of this fact, however.

Data breach is one of the worst events to hit the health insurance sector

Those that have been affected by the data breach are being encouraged to contact Anthem. The health insurance company has established a hotline that people can call, which will provide them with information and assistance concerning their personal information. The data breach represents one of the worst cyber attacks that has been carried out against the health insurance sector, highlighting the importance of digital security.

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