Workers compensation official in Georgia steps down

georgia workers compensation

georgia workers compensationThe head of the board in the state has announced that he will be resigning from his post.

The state workers compensation board in Georgia has just announced that he will be stepping down from his position by the end of January 2013.

This insurance news was released in the form of a letter of resignation written by the official.

The letter was dated on Tuesday and stated that Rick Thompson, the lead official on the workers compensation board, would be leaving office before the start of February. This brings a close to his appointment, which has been in place for nearly three years.

Thompson rose to the head of the workers compensation board of the state of Georgia in 2009.

At that time, Thompson was appointed to his post by Sonny Perdue, who was the governor of the state of Georgia at the time. This added him to a panel that had a total of three members and that hears appeals that are made to administrative law judge rulings, as well as to policies that have been designed for orders that have to do with workers compensation.

Thompson had also been the Savannah U.S. Attorney before joining the workers compensation board. It was in that position that he instigated the prosecution of Augusta Democrat Charles Walker. At that time, Walker had been the majority leader of the state Senate. After having been convicted on charges of fraud, Walker was then sentenced to a decade in prison.

Thompson’s resignation from that post in January 2004 took place only a few weeks before a probe by the Justice Department determined that he had “violated his duty” by permitting his rulings about cases to be influenced by politics. That probe’s findings did not make mention of the Walker case.

Within the current resignation letter from his post as a top workers compensation official, which was directed to Governor Nathan Deal, Thompson explained that he would soon be returning to private practice in the state. His letter made the additional statement about his feelings that “It has been an honor to serve the citizens of Georgia.”

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