With new media outlets comes new approaches for insurance education

Insurance EducationIt has been proven by Web sites like LinkedIn and Facebook that new media is great at building a community. It is for that reason that long-time insurance educators Laurie Infantino, Marjorie Segale, and Tom Jackson have partnered together to develop a resource where insurance industry professionals can get the answers they have been looking for, secure continuing educating credits, learn about insurance, and share resources in an online community setting.

Insurance Community Center, The creation of Laurie, Marjorie, and Tom, is divided into two distinct parts. There is the Community, which lets people to network, share resources, and attend monthly interactive Webinars for free, and then there is the University, in which agencies pay an annual fee for all of their staff to access resources, insurance products, and attend online Webinars for CE credits in certain states, like California.

Infantino, the co-founder of the Insurance Skills Center in 1978, which is now owned by Agents of the West and Insurance Brokers, said that the Insurance Community Center is a new way to offer the highest level of education and counsel. Also, it uses new forms of technology mixed with some older or even old school knowledge and the latest information in the insurance industry.

Infantino says that she was at ISC for a good 34 years and that she enjoyed it, but her new venture in Insurance Community Center reflects her life’s work to create a place where insurance professionals may share, learn, and use tools to advance in the industry. With the newest tools online and by using resources from an open, online community, she says she, Segale, and Jackson will keep providing as many answers as they can for people that work in a challenging environment of risk management and insurance.


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