Winter activities make insurance news in Ohio

Snowmobile Insurance news

Residents of the state have been urged to review the protection that they have for their snowmobiling, skiing, etc.

Mary Taylor, the Department of Insurance Director and Lieutenant Governor of Ohio has released an insurance news statement which has advised residents of the state to look into their coverage before they take part in some of their favorite types of winter activities.

The goal is to make sure that proper insurance coverage is in place in case an accident should happen.

Taylor explained that Ohio is a great place for taking advantage of many of the great outdoor winter activities that people love the most. However, she also added to her insurance news recommendation that “As you prepare to make plans, work with your insurance agent or insurance company to make sure you and your families are protected.” This precaution is meant to help people throughout the state to be able to ensure that if the worst should happen, it won’t come with financial devastation, as well.

This type of insurance news reminder is common in the industry to ensure that consumers don’t forget.

Snowmobile Insurance newsThe type of insurance policy review that should be conducted at this time of year should examine everything from issues surrounding snow removal, as well as snowmobiling, sledding, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and even ice skating.

In terms of snow removal issues, a homeowners or tenant’s policy will typically cover the cost associated with liabilities for injuries that could occur if someone falls on a property due to icy or snowy conditions. It is important to check municipal snow removal statutes to ensure that snow removal efforts on a given property comply with the rules.

Snowmobile insurance is a specific kind of coverage. Owners and riders should not make the mistake of thinking that their machine is covered by their auto, homeowners, or tenant policies if the vehicle is ever damaged, if injuries occur as a result of its use, or if its use causes property damage. It is important to purchase this additional coverage regardless of whether you own a snowmobile or you rent one.

Winter sports also made their way into this insurance news report, due to the health plan implications it could have. It is important to ensure that in case of an accident, the proper coverage in place. Homeowners coverage should also be reviewed to see what protection is offered in case of damaged equipment.

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