Will California pass a health insurance bill for undocumented immigrants?

teamwork undocumented immigrant california health care reform bill

The state recently introduced the measure to request permission from the federal government.

California legislators are currently facing a controversial health insurance bill that would request permission from the federal government to allow the state to be able to sell coverage over its official exchange, Covered California, to people who are unable to prove that their residence in the country is a legal one.

The Assembly Health Committee democrats already gave their approval to SB20 last Tuesday.

The proposal of the health insurance bill was first put forward by Senator Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) in order to broaden the current efforts being made by the state to expand the availability of health plans to people who are living in the United States without authorization and therefore without documentation. It is important to point out that while this would allow undocumented immigrants to purchase medical coverage through the insurance exchange, it would not allow them to qualify for government subsidies to help them pay for it.

It isn’t clear how many undocumented immigrants would be able to afford coverage through the health insurance bill.

teamwork undocumented immigrant california health insurance billThe health plans sold over Covered California can come with monthly premiums that are in the hundreds of dollars. Therefore, it isn’t yet known how many undocumented immigrants would be able to afford the payments if they were not subsidized. Many Americans who buy their health plans through Covered California are able to receive a considerable discount on the amount they pay because of subsidized premiums, which can make a considerable difference to affordability.

Critics of this California insurance bill are currently saying that this issue is distracting from more important problems that are currently having an impact on legal American citizens. They have said that focus should be placed on those who can prove that they are authorized to live in the country.

If this health insurance bill should pass, it will mean that immigrants who do not have legal status will be able to buy their medical coverage by way of an insurance agent. However, supporters of the legislation have indicated that they believe the majority would use the Covered California website in order to make their purchase.

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