Wilkes-Barre tornado victims get helpful tips and advice from Allstate

Wilkes-Barre tornado - Tornado Damage

The insurer reached out to residents of the township to offer them safety and coverage tips.

Allstate issued some important advice to those affected by the Wilkes-Barre tornado last week. It reminded customers that their safety should come before anything else when returning home.

Homeowners may be keen to assess possible damage, but Allstate reminds them to be cautious.

The Wilkes-Barre tornado caused notable damage to the township. That said, the Allstate report reminds customers that when they return home, the damage may create unexpected dangers. Therefore, homeowners should first prioritize their personal safety. Only once it is safe to return to the property, should homeowners carefully inspect the area for signs of damage.

Allstate pointed out that there are certain hazards customers should be careful to watch for. Moreover, they should pay close attention to certain areas most likely to have been affected by high winds and debris.

The Allstate report reminded Wilkes-Barre tornado customers to look at certain parts of their properties.

These included the following:

• Newly developed cracks. Cracks that weren’t there before and that are at least one quarter inch long may be signs of shifting or settling in the walls. Good places to look for these cracks include around doors and windows as they are usually the areas of greatest weakness in the building construction. Look for these cracks both inside and outside. While outside, check closely around the foundation.
• Floor level changes. Look for areas where the floor level isn’t the same as what it used to be. This could be an indication that the foundation has lifted.
• Look closely around both rooms you do use and those you don’t use as often.
• Check all visible plumbing areas. This includes turning on all faucets (indoor and outdoor) and checking for leaks, flushing toilets and watching for leaks, and looking closely around water heaters, water softeners and other equipment.
• Check all walls and ceilings for yellowing or stains that didn’t previously exist. Keep checking for weeks after the tornado, particularly after heavy rains. This could indicate new roof damage.
• Carefully inspect outside gutters and shingles. Do not climb up onto your roof. If you want to have your roof Wilkes-Barre tornado - Tornado Damagechecked for damage, hire a professional. If you can see damage from the ground, call your insurance company, which will send an adjustor. Damaged gutters and shingles can lead to water damage inside the home after a short time.

Allstate reminds Wilkes-Barre tornado customers with damaged homes or vehicles to start the insurance claims process as early as possible to ensure the fastest processing and payments if applicable.

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