Wildfire insurance companies protect homes by dispatching firefighters

Wildfire insurance-Waldo Canyon

Professional crews sent to the west of Colorado Springs to keep houses safe.

Companies providing wildfire insurance have sent in the professional fire crews from Wildland Defense Systems, Inc. as a part of a massive effort to protect the homes that are covered by their policies from the fires in the Waldo Canyon area.

Though many people believe that it is public agencies that send in these pros, insurers often contribute, too.

This particular firefighter company provides services specifically for Chubb Personal Insurance, which sells wildfire insurance and hires these highly trained individuals to help to protect the homes with higher end coverage from possible destruction. This year has been one of the most destructive and busiest fire seasons that has ever struck the region, according to both residents and authorities. This additional assistance has been more than welcome.

The group hired by the wildfire insurance companies is helping protect 35 homes in the area.

It is doing so with a team of ten firefighters. They currently battle one of the most destructive fires that has ever been seen in the history of the state. Three hundred and forty six homes have already been burned down, and two people have been killed.

So far, no specific numbers are available regarding how many homes will actually be saved by the efforts focused on the 35 houses. They may never be available, considering the unpredictable nature of forest and grass fires. The firefighters, however, are not there to take the credit. They are simply working with the wildfire insurance providers to make sure that the property and possessions of the homeowners remain as safe as possible.

Though this does come at some expense, the wildfire insurance carriers know that hiring these firefighters is more than worth the cost. For this reason, they dedicate thousands of dollars on federally rated firefighters that are well equipped. This allows them to take control of a situation in order to save hundreds of thousands of dollars, or perhaps even millions, in order to prevent having to replace threatened houses and the valuable possessions that are contained within those structures.

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