Why Bundling Home and Car Insurance is a Smart Move

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Not only is it harder work shopping around for separate quotes for your auto insurance and then your home insurance but it could also be costing you more money by buying individual policies . 

Many insurance companies offer discounts for loyal customers who choose to give their business to them on several fronts so it is worth checking out to see whether you can save money by bundling. 

Why bundling makes sense 

When you think it about it, if you went into a store and offered to buy three of four big ticket items the store are probably going to listen to your request for a discount and in order to secure your business, they are likely to offer you some sort of discount. 

It is the same principle with insurance deals and for example, visit Kanetix and request a quote to cover your auto and home insurance combined and it may well work out to be cheaper than if you ask for two individual quotes. 

Taking advantage of discounts 

One of the biggest sins when it comes to paying for any type of insurance is when you fail to take advantage of any discounts you are entitled to. Most good insurance agents should ask the right questions in order to determine if you are due some sort of discount. 

You can get a discount for plenty of other reasons other than having a good driving record. Things like whether you have an alarm system fitted to the car and also where you park it during the night can all help to reduce your rate, but one of the biggest opportunities to cut through that original quote is to combine your home and auto insurance.

Not just for homeowners 

Not everyone is a homeowner and if you are renting you can still bundle your insurance to get a better deal. If you take our renters insurance and bundle a car insurance policy with it then your insurer should be prepared to offer a discount. Home and Car Insurance Better to Bundle

Even if you don’t need renters insurance there is still an opportunity to bundle by getting a package that includes life insurance combined with your car insurance in one easy to manage premium. 

Easier to manage 

Another big advantage of bundling your insurance together other than the opportunity to get a hefty discount is the fact that having just one policy and dealing with one insurer makes it easier to keep track of your paperwork and also makes it easier to call just the one company when you need to make a claim, either relating to your house or your car. 

The how-to resource My Move has some more information on their website if you need more details but it is pretty straightforward advice, whatever your situation, whether you are a homeowner or a renter, we all need insurance. 

Bundle your insurance makes a lot of financial sense and nobody should pass up the opportunity to save some money on their insurance. 

Donald Ayers is a personal finance consultant. His articles mainly appear on personal finance blogs and websites.

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