Walmart Insurance Services subsidiary launches for policy sales

Walmart Insurance Services - Front of Walmart Store

The retail giant will be selling health plans directly to consumers, said a company spokesperson.

Walmart Insurance Services, a subsidiary of the retail giant, has now launched and will start selling its health plans to consumers, confirmed a spokesperson.

Media reports suggest that the retailer’s subsidiary will sell Medicare Advantage plans.

The Walmart Insurance Services name filing was made with the Arkansas Secretary of State on June 26. This filing was made by Walmart Apollo, the company’s intellectual property holding company. That said, the filing didn’t receive much media attention back in June. However, according to new reports, this subsidiary is now positioning itself to sell Medicare Advantage plans.

Though a spokesperson has confirmed that the company will sell coverage, no confirmation had been made of the specific nature of those plans by the time of the writing of this article. Marilee McInnis, spokesperson for the company, explained that the organization is providing “access to insurance information in Walmart Health locations” and has been doing so since 2005.

That said, Walmart Insurance Services will go beyond providing information and move into sales.

The retailer has “a long-standing education program called Healthcare Begins Here to help people find the right insurance plan for them,” said the spokesperson in an email quoted by However, the email also pointed out that Walmart is, for the first time, “expanding [its] current insurance services to … include the sale of insurance policies.”

Media reports have turned to speculating about Medicare Advantage plan sales because the retailer’s Careers website job postings suggest that it is seeking to hire Medicare insurance agents. These new employees will be able to work in a call center in the Dallas area or work remotely. The postings state that the agents will be responsible for enrolling customers in Medicare insurance plans starting in August.

The postings also include the search for a Medicare sales supervisor, a quality assurance officer to oversee sales calls, a sales manager and a sales trainer. The descriptions for these Walmart Insurance Services Jobs include the statement: “Walmart strives to be a center of well-being in the communities we serve, and we have a unique, brand new opportunity to help millions of people find the best Medicare insurance available. … We Walmart Insurance Services - Front of Walmart Storeneed passionate health insurance professionals to help us build this new business from the ground up and achieve our mission.”

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