Using social media marketing for insurance agencies

Insurance Social Media Marketing

Insurance Social Media MarketingOwners and agents need to embrace the latest techniques to stay ahead.

The owners of insurance agencies, and the agents who work within them, are discovering that in order to survive and keep ahead of the competition, the latest techniques and technologies are required, and this includes the use of social media marketing.

This doesn’t simply mean that a profile should be created on a social networking platform, but that a presence should be established in many places, and that followers should be provided with regular updates and relevant information that they will find interesting enough to use as well as to share.

Getting started with social media marketing for the first time can seem overwhelming.

The trick to overcoming the dizzying amount of information on the subject is to simply find the platforms that will be used and then build on each of them. There are a few primary areas in which insurance agencies are finding that they can achieve the best results. They include the following.

• Facebook – this is the most important social network to use and should be the starting point for any insurance agent or agency’s social media marketing. It has the largest number of active users among all of the platforms. Setting up an account there is simple and inexpensive – even when paid advertising is used. The choice is given for either reserving the company name for a personal account or creating a business fan page which other users can “like”.

• Twitter – this is an excellent platform that offers a number of different kinds of strategies to be implemented. It is particularly important for searches, so remember to keyword optimize.

• Pinterest – this platform is slightly different than the others and allows users to share the places they like with their friends. It is best used on weekends and at other times when people will be able to use their mobile devices in a relaxed setting, with time to pursue their interests.

• Blogging and Guest Blogging – whether you choose your own platform or you network with another webmaster who allows you to post on their site as a part of a mutually beneficial arrangement, writing regular posts that are of interest and use to your perspective and current clients is a highly effective social media marketing technique that often goes unacknowledged within the insurance industry.


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